Friday, January 21, 2011

The Kindle Plunge

While at Costco Thursday, I decided to buy a book to read, "Matched." I've spent hours in car shops getting the van fixed this week, and figured I might as well have something good to read next time I go in; the van is not done being fixed.

After throwing a party for Joshua, who is turning 7, I was exhausted and decided to hide in my room with my new book. As soon as I got started, everyone began bombarding my bedroom, interrupting me. Next thing I know, Sara is chit chatting and then asks to see the cover of the book and gets excited. A couple minutes later Matt arrived home from work and I set the book in my lap to talk to him. Sara grabs the book and begins to read. So much for me getting to read my new book.

Sara comments that if I had a Kindle, she and I would both be able to read the same book for the same price as what I'd paid for the one book at Costco. A little bug planted and I started to chew on the idea. I've been seriously thinking about it for two months, and I have the money saved up, so why not? I could be buying my books for less and then sharing them with my daughter and husband for all to read at the same time!

While Sara continued reading my book, I shopped online, purchased a Kindle 3 and began a search on ebay for a kindle case in hopes that I can make my Kindle look a little different than Matt and Sara's. I found a seller that sells skin plus case! Yeah! Cool colors and more unique, just what I want. I placed a bid and now we play the waiting game until the auction ends. If I don't win this bid, I will just do the "Buy it now" option and pay the full price so that I don't have to wait again.

After watching TV with Matt for awhile, I send Sara to bed. Mwahahaha! The book is MINE! Sara's halfway done already. Matt gave me his book light and shut off the bedroom lights and I continued to read. I read a few chapters and went to sleep. This morning I had to get Zack off to the Scout PowWow, so it was a good time for me to continue reading without too many interruptions. I was only a few pages away from where Sara was when I turned it back over to Sara so that Matt and I could go on a breakfast date. Several hours later when I returned home, she was done reading the book.

I am SO excited to get a Kindle of my own! Matt tried to tell me he'd share his when I bought it for him for Christmas. That doesn't work so well when we both want to read at the same time, or when he takes it to work with him. I am grateful for the love of reading that exists in our home! While I wait for my new Kindle to arrive, my list of books I would like to buy grows; however, I would love to know what your favorite books are.


Dahlene said...

A Kindle is on my list for sure! My favorite books ever off the top of my head are: "To Kill a Mockingbird", "The Help", hmmm...I'm coming up short. Go to and request me as a friend. I have a list of at least 300 books I've read and about 200 more on my list. You can get reviews from friends and strangers so you know if it's going to be a good one or not. See you on Goodreads!

Carol said...

Let me know how you like it. I have been seriously thinking about getting one for months too. I almost got me one for Christmas but then decided against it. So now I think that is what I am going to get me in May for my birthday. I read alot and I think that it will be alot easier and safe me money in the long run. The only problem is that I love to share and trade books with my friends and not all of them have Kindles. Guess I'll have to get them hooked on it after I get mine. Let me know how you like yours when you get it.

Julie said...

But I read in the bathtub! Do they have one for the bathtub?

nette said...

My favorite new book is MY kindle that I got this past week! Haha! But seriously, last year I read the hotel on the corner of bitter & sweet, & it has really stayed with me. Also, the help. I love books with deep & lasting impressions.