Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Wednesday Letters"

I recently read "The Wednesday Letters" by Jason F. Wright. I picked it up at Seagull Book for a whopping $1.99 (I love a good deal)! And then I gave it to myself for Christmas. It's a story about an old couple who ran a Bed & Breakfast together and they die at the beginning of the story. As their children gather for funeral preparations, they discover there are boxes and boxes of letters in the attic. The husband promised when they got married to write his wife a letter every Wednesday. Some letters were very short due to lack of time, while other letters were long and personal. Other letters simply recapped things they had talked about or events that had passed during the week.

The farther they got into the boxes, the more surprises they found about their parents, who had been keeping a big secret through the years. The letters showed pain and sadness as they worked through very difficult times.

I'm not going to spoil the story for you. It's a good one. Mixed in with the letters and funeral planning are romance, adventure, mystery and sibling rivalries, yes, even as adults. I personally enjoyed the book very much and would give it four out of five stars! I enjoy relationships and how people react to each other so it was fun for me to see how everything plays out in the end. It's 280 pages and was a quick read.

If you'd like to read this novel, I'll gladly loan it to you! Just let me know.

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Melanie said...

Thanks for these recommendations! I am always up for a good book, and it can be hard to find. Have you read HOST, by ----can't remember her name now, same author that wrote the Twilight series. This book is 100 times better! It is based in the future, where a species from another planet take over the bodies of human, with the understanding that the humans have no soul, and die. But the main character is this species inhabiting a body, and the person is still there...and how they cooperate, and how each is in love with a different individual. It is a compelling story!