Sunday, December 2, 2012

Adventures of Goomba!

Friday I got a phone call from my husband explaining that a coworker of his brought his dog to work and left him in the car.  I missed the part about why this happened.  But the loaded question was, can his dog hang out at our house for the day and half the night while we're at work?  I only have to clean house and be a taxi mom.  Sure, why not provide Nanna with a house guest and buddy?  Then comes the clencher.  His dog is bigger than a good 30 lbs or more.

About an hour later Matt shows up with XXL dog and dog owner.  Nanna barks  and gives up quickly when that doesn't affect huge black dog at all.  Guest dog's name is Goomba.  Good name for a big dog, but "Black Bear"  or just "Bear" may have been more appropriate.  I call my XL dog my little pony for good reason.  Goomba could be called Bear for good reason.  HUGE.  Oh, and did I mention he's a long haired dog?  HUGE, I tell you, HUGE!

So there were many small adventures with Goomba, but one in particular was pretty darn funny.  My biggest concern about Goomba was not letting him get out the front door.  Zack's band members came by to help Zack load his drum set into the van for their Battle of the Bands at the High School that night.  They finally figured out if they kept both dogs IN the house, they could open the side gate and take the drums through the yard to the van.  This relieved my concern of one of the dogs getting out the front door.

Once the drums were loaded I needed to drive them back to the High School.  A few minutes earlier, I had put our cat, Gracy, outside so she wouldn't encounter the Bear, I mean Goomba.  She decided to sit on the front patio chair in front of the big picture window.  Apparently Goomba noticed she was there.  Now I knew Goomba had a thing for chasing cats so I figured it would be safer for the cat to be outside.  With Goomba nearby, I opened the door just a crack to let myself out.  Goomba suddenly pushed past me to chase the cat that was no longer innocently sitting nearby.  Gracy jumped out of her comfortable seat and dashed across to the neighbors yard and up a tree.  I dashed into the house to get Goomba's leash and a dog treat, knowing that Goomba is very motivated by food.

Once outside, I handed the leash and treat to Zack and asked him to follow Goomba since he had seen which way Goomba went.  Zack went around the neighbors house and told us to head around the other side of the house.  Two band members and myself head around the other side in hopes to block the dog from running past us.  Goomba headed our way since he was slowly being followed by Zack from the other direction.  I managed to catch Goomba on his way past, managed to find his collar through his blanket of fur until Zack arrived with the leash and treat.  Goomba laid down and ate half of the treat Zack had offered him.  With the other half still in his hand, Goomba kept bumping into Zack trying to take the rest of the treat, and sliming his with drool in the process.  Zack handed me the treat and I slowly jogged back to the house with Goomba close behind wanting the treat.  

WHEW!  Beast safely back in the house, I took the kids back to the High School.  Never a dull moment.