Monday, January 10, 2011

Funny Memories

When Zack was about two, he came to my bedside in the middle of the night. But he did the oddest thing. Instead of waking me, he leaned toward me and started watching me. If he had touched me, I would have awoken right away, but he just stared at me. Ever feel like you're being watched? I opened my eyes to find Zack's face very close to mine. Very startled by this I screamed. I scared him, so he screamed. Both of us screaming startled Matt so he woke up screaming. It was a very startling experience, but very funny to look back on.

Matt walked into the kitchen and saw Josh with the Nutella. Matt had been looking for the Nutella earlier but couldn't find it, so he asked Joshua, "Where'd you find the Nutella?"

Josh responded, "Where I hid it."

"Why did you hide it?"

"Because every time I want some it's gone!"

Josh is a smart kid! (9 Jan. '11)

Sara was about 8 years old and had checked out an international children's cookbook from the library. It was about due and she was very upset that we hadn't made anything from it. So, I told her to choose a recipe and I'd see if we had all the ingredients. She chose an oatmeal cookie recipe, I think it was Danish. I verified that we had all the ingredients and asked her to read them off to me and I would get the ingredients out of the pantry in preparation for baking the recipe. The very last ingredient was "rolled oats."

After she read it to me, I said, "Here's the oatmeal."

She immediately responded, "Okay, let's roll 'em!"

I'm somewhat of a crazy sleeper. One night I must have been having really weird dreams. It was summer time and we didn't have the blankets on us. In my sleep I smacked Matt's bare thigh with my left hand really hard!

He woke up instantly, "What was that for?"

My response, "Oh, sorry, I thought you were one of the kids!" And I fell right back to sleep.

(No, I don't beat my children!") This took place probably ten or more years ago.

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Crustacean Queen said...

funny funny...that last one made me LOL...literally! "Oh, I thought you were one of the kids!" classic!