Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Honda....but this one is a Motorcycle

Crazy? Yes, I do believe we are. A few years back when Church_Mouse needed a commuter vehicle, he asked for a motorcycle or a hybrid. As you may know, I agreed to the hybrid. Many years later, that honda is having transmission issues. UGH. It's still driveable, but we'd like to have another option while we figure out how to get the hybrid transmission fixed. So...three months ago Church_Mouse started looking on for motorcycles. He found that compact cars and hybrids are selling for more than they're worth because they're not gas guzzlers. We discovered that our hybrid is worth $4K more than we bought it for. Crazy! In the search for motorcylces, Church_Mouse discovered that motorcycles are also more expensive because they also get good gas mileage.

Any of you that know Church_Mouse, understands that when he takes an interest in a new topic, he researches as much as he can oftentimes until there's nothing else available to learn. As he found motorcycles for sale, he researched the make and model so he could figure out what type of motorcycle would work well for him. Then one day it happened. He calls me up all excited, sounding like a kid on Christmas day. Church_Mouse found the one. "It's way under priced, the guy only wants what he owes on it so he can get out from under the loan." He had a co-worker friend test drive it for him. As it turns out, we paid cash for the motorcycle, which of course, ended up being a Honda. It's a 1984, so Church_Mouse gets comments like, "Oh, my brother had one of those...about 15 or 20 years ago. He loved it."

Church_Mouse took a motorcycle training course to get his motorcycle license last weekend. It rained all weekend. Nothing like practicing in inclement weather. He has enjoyed "Joy Rides" around neighborhoods and in the mountains and now that he has his motorcycle license, it's time for me to invest in a helmet and join him for a joy ride now and then. Hopefully we'll have another nice day soon so I don't have to wait 'til next year. Freezing my toosh on the back of a motorcycle doesn't sound too appealing to me. Church_Mouse talks about getting me a motorcycle or even a scooter to run errands on. I think he says that just so I can't do much shopping. You can't bring much home on the back of a bike!


Anonymous said...

I think that the number of trips to the store might negate the great gas mileage. :) How fun would that be though for you to be able to cruise around? Congrats to your hubby for getting his license....

Timani said...

Wear a long coat so you won't freeze your toosh. :)

Are you kidding, get a scotter all decked out with saddle bags, a front basket and don't forget to a hefty backpack and you'd be surprised how much stuff you can pack home...good thing is, you won't have to take kids.

Tell M to watch out for puppies running into the road. Once Dan hit one going about 5 mph, couldn't completely stop and FLIPPED over the handle bars.