Sunday, October 12, 2008

You've Been Spooked!

My best friend started "Boo"ing people in her neighborhood last week. It's a fun tradition that has gone on for many years in the month of October. I've been running so far behind in school as well as the rest of life that I have decided not to worry about it this year.

This week with the weather changing so drastically, I have struggled with allergies. My allergies became a raging cold over night last night and I have slept all day today. Matt woke me up for dinner at 5 pm with a bowl of chicken noodle soup for dinner. Still tired, I came upstairs and crashed on the couch with no energy.

A few minutes later someone pounded quite loudly on the front door. I waited for one of the kids to go running to answer the door, but nobody budged. CoolJ was playing quietly with his mega blocks. Church_Mouse was working from home with very large head phones preventing him from hearing just about anything. The other kids were downstairs: Hawkfire on the computer in her own little world and the other two boys playing the Wii. So...that left me to answer the door. Forcing myself to get up and walk across the house, I found the front door wide open with our black cat, Friday, sitting in the front doorway. No one is at the door, but a plate of cookies with a note, "You have been spooked."

We invite cookies at any time! I the meantime, for FHE tomorrow night, and figure out who we are going to spook. But the story thickens. Rafiki had just gotten out of the shower and had come upstairs in a towel and was walking past the front door when the "BANG, BANG, BANG" took place. Scared Rafiki out of his skin. Our front door at that time was closed, but the door opens easily, so about the time somebody ran, the door flew open and the cat showed up to take a look. Soon Kobee showed up when he found out there were cookies, asking who was at the door. I told him it was a ghost. He seemed a little taken aback by that until I told the whole story and reminded him that he helped "Boo" neighbors last year.

So hopefully I'll be feeling well enough tomorrow to make cookies. If not, the kids will do it. They love to bake...and make a big mess in the kitchen.

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Timani said...

I had that same cold last week! Slept slept slept and horribly aches. I'm nearly better, hopefully your immune system is better than mine.

You can always cheat and just buy a bag of snack size candy bars or something simple like that.