Monday, October 8, 2012

Epic Fail

The past few years I have attempted to make carmel apples with my children.  We have discovered that this is no easy feat.  Last year we decided to try to slice the apples and then dip them, due to the carmel not sticking to the apples the year before.  We found the carmel did not stick to the apple, but only to the peel.  Weird since it didn't do so well the  year before.  I think we didn't let the carmel cool off enough for it to stick to the whole apple two years ago.

This year I started my carmel and then started digging for candy thermometer, only to realize we'd broken it last year after making candy.  Frantically I sent my children to the neighbors to borrow a candy thermometer as I stirred constantly.  Soon a thermometer arrived and we began the watch the temperature rise on our carmel.

Sara came to my rescue and continued stirring while I prepared plates for rolling the dipped apples once the carmel was done.  I had forgotten how long it takes carmel to reach it's final temperature at soft crack.  After getting the plates ready, I helped dry the apples after Zack had washed them, then stuck a stick into each apple.  I turn around to look at the carmel and it's a dark brown.  UGH.  The temperature gauge was still not at soft crack.  Just my luck.  I did not calibrate the candy thermometer to test its accuracy.

We managed to get a few apples covered in the overcooked carmel and rolled in candy.  After letting the carmel cool off, we attempted to cut and eat the candied apples.  Cutting was extremely difficult, and eating was impossible.  *heavy sigh*  So much for our exciting FHE plans.

About this time Zack asks if we have any pretzels.  Why yes we do!  Big pretzel sticks came out of the pantry and Zack proceeded to melt some almond bark, covered them in candy and set them out to dry.  Zack rescued the evening and everyone enjoyed a yummy treat.  In case that wasn't enough, he covered an apple in chocolate, added candy, and then shared it with us!  What a sweet heart.

Maybe we'll try again another day after I have purchased another candy thermometer AND calibrated it....if that's even what it's called.

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