Friday, October 12, 2012

Brownies PLUS!

I was perusing Pinterest today.  Big surprise, right?  I came across a brownie recipe and wondered why it was a big deal, so I read the description.  Someone said they're the best brownies ever.  I clicked and read the actual blog and thought to myself, "Self, we HAVE to try these brownies."

Tonight Matt saw a brownie mix in the pantry and asked if it was being saved for a special occasion.  Nope!  They can be made anytime.  So Matt opened the box to make them.  I remembered that Pin today and realized we could totally make it!

Here's what you need:

A brownie mix
3 large Symphony Candy Bars (toffee, almond)
9x13 pan

Mix your brownies as directed on the box.  Pour half of the mix into your pan.  Open the candy bars and lay them flat, side by side on the brownie mix.  Then layer the rest of the brownie mix on top.  Oh, yeah!  Seriously.  Bake as directed, then let it cool off a significant amount of time.

Surprise!  The chocolate bars cook into the brownie, leaving small chunks of almond and toffee in the brownies.  YUM!  You are going to love these!

Sorry I didn't have time to take a picture for you, they're gone already!  We only had one symphony bar, so we did it in a 9x9 baker and broke up the candy bar like the directions tell you not to do.  They were amazing!  So rich.  You know you want to try this!  And if you want to read the directions for yourself, find me on Pinterest and go to my "Death by Chocolate" board.  Right now, it's the first one there.

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