Saturday, November 12, 2011

Memory Lane

Matt and I decided to do a morning date this morning to change things up a bit. Partially because we have nothing going on today and are able to do whatever we'd like, and partially because there's a storm on the horizon and we're not sure if we should be out and about tonight. So for lunch we went to Winger's. As usual, I had a Sticky Finger Dinner and Matt had All You Can Eat Wings with Original Sauce. YUM!

On the way home, we passed an empty garbage bin in the middle of our dirt road and I had a flash back. The wind is blowing right now at a steady 30+ miles per hour with crazy gusts. Many years ago we were having a seriously windy storm in Tooele. I was pregnant, though I don't recall which child I was carrying. I remember hearing something unusual and looking out the window to see a garbage bin blowing down the street. I ran outside, barefoot and pregnant, and ran down the road to stop the garbage bin. Picking it upright and dragging it back was a bit of a challenge considering we were going against the winds that were absolutely crazy.

Once I arrived back home, I discovered the garbage bin was not mine. *heavy sigh* I had rescued a neighbor's bin. Our typical plan for preventing this from happening again was to put a large rock on top of the bin to weigh it down a bit and keep the lid from flapping open, allowing physics to do it's work as the garbage bin falls over.

Today I was grateful it was not my garbage bin all the way down the dirt road, and I'm also grateful not to be pregnant. As this storm comes upon us, my garbage bins are against the house, protected from the south and western winds that whip around the side of the house and blow everything around.

Now to get the last handful of large things out of the garage so I can park the van inside. Never a dull moment!

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