Thursday, October 21, 2010

The mysterious pole

We moved into this house in the middle of the coldest and harshest winter Utah has seen in over a decade. It was so bad, I wasn't sure if we actually had neighbors. I'm pretty sure everyone was in a deep state of hybernation. I would have much rather been hybernating than moving that winter. UGH. I cringe just thinking about it.

That spring, a pole that is mounted on a thick metal plate appeared just over our property line in the front yard. Matt and I were looking down the street, probably watching the kids walk to the bus stop when we both recognized there was something different about our view. We decided to wait it out and see if someone came to claim the pole. No one. About two weeks later, we rolled it to the back yard and I ordered a tetherball off ebay to attach to the top of the pole! My boys were ecstatic. But the mystery continued. We had no idea where the pole came from or why it appeared in our yard.

Occasionally I have to replace the tetherball. They don't seem to survive the weather well. Recently Elijah begged me to buy a new ball so we got on ebay and ordered another. I commented once again on oddity of the pole appearing in our yard in the first place, but how much joy it has brought for Elijah. He finally told me, "I know who gave us the pole. The guy next door asked me if we wanted it and I told him yes." So apparently, it was never a mystery as to who gave us the pole. Just that Matt and I didn't find out about it until just a couple weeks ago!

Meanwhile, we have some tetherball monsters in this house. Elijah is determined to be the best tetherball player at school. The only kids that can beat him are the REALLY tall ones. Eli is pretty darn tall for his age, so with all the practice he gets in at home, plus his height, he's one of the best tetherball players around! That boy is seriously competitive!

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Crustacean Queen said...

That's too funny! I love kids, sometimes they just "forget" to tell all the details!