Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wii Fit

After searching for six months, I finally found a Wii Fit, by accident. Rafiki and I were shopping for a birthday party he was to go to. He says, "Mom, there's a commercial for the Wii Fit." I look over and it's one of those TV screens in the store. I turn back to what I was doing. My brain did a double take as I realized that those TV screens typically advertise the product being sold on that shelf. I look again and there sits one Wii Fit. I snatched it. Mind you the box is pretty big and it's rather obvious what it is, so as we're walking through the store, I was actually worried somebody would try to take it from me.

This was about three weeks ago when I was fighting that cold that wouldn't go away. So, as usual, the kids got to the game first, figured it out and told me how to set up my character. CoolJ's comment was, "Why did you buy a Wii Fit to lose pounds?" Obviously he does not yet understand what pounds are! Kobee on the other hand, informed me that I need to play Wii Fit everyday in order for it to work and let me know it told him that he is a very healthy person.

I started this game a couple weeks after starting Weight Watchers (again) but hadn't been exercising due to the lack of energy from the cold. However, it has been six weeks since I started eating healthy again and about three weeks of exercising occasionally and I've lost 10 lbs. My DH Church_Mouse has shocked me (yet again) and joined a local gym. With a family membership we have been able to go together to exercise, so I'm getting a lot more of a workout than just the Wii Fit. The good news is, we'll have exercise options through the winter!

Meanwhile, Church_Mouse is shrinking rather quickly (as usual, once he puts his mind to it) and I'm shrinking gradually. It's nice to have a support system at home and online! Weight Watchers works amazingly well and I am enjoying it. You know why? Because I can still have a bowl of ice cream every night if I want it!

BTW-anyone is welcome to join our online weight support group no matter what "diet" you might be doing. We record our daily food intake, email it to each other daily, and share good meal and snack ideas with each other. If I can ever get the time, I'd like to make pumpkin cookies! They're only one point each and the recipe is so easy! Maybe I'll blog that next.

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