Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time now, and finally decided to make an attempt in hopes it would be easy.  My hope is for this to an easy way for all my friends to keep in touch with me as they see what is going on in our lives.  With any luck I'll figure out how to post pictures on a regular basis.

Our lives on Critters Cove is much different than it was in Tooele.  We feel like we're out in the country with very few neighbors.  We live on an acre of land with some young fruit trees, a huge back garage, a lot of lawn to mow with no riding lawn mower, and all sorts of critters we'd rather not have to deal with.  For example, we have another mole hole with dirt pile right in the middle of the backyard we've worked so hard to recover this year.  We'll figure out how to get rid of those moles yet.

I am still working on my master's degree with the goal to become a Marriage and Family Counselor someday.  I'm a full time student so sometimes other parts of life take the back burner for a little while.  For example, right now the laundry is piled high. --heavy sigh--   Today may very well be a great day to t the kids to work in hopes to put a dent in it.

I've realized that I have finally reached the point with my children that I can enjoy them.  This is mostly because my baby is four and has become somewhat independent, allowing me to nap when I need to.  The fun is trying to keep him occupied while I work on homework.  

Future blogs will give nicknames for the kids and funny things that happen around here on a regular basis.  Until then!

Blue Daisy

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