Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Duvet covers

My husband and I enjoy shopping together. Let me clarify that. I enjoy shopping, and my husband has learned to think of shopping as a social opportunity; time with Christy! Last week I had $10 Kohl's cash. Those of you that shop at Kohl's know that Kohl's cash expires. It's a gimmick, you see, to get you back into the store to spend more money...AND it works. You bet I'm going to spend my Kohl's cash; afterall, I earned it, right? By spending money at Kohl's in the first place. I will tell you that I love a good deal and shop very carefully.

The difficult part about this trip is that there was nothing in particular that I was shopping for. I often use my Kohl's cash on shoes or clearance clothing for the kids to grow into. This means it took a little more time than usual to spend my whopping $10. I did find a wallet that I really like, but Matt and I decided to look around to see what else we could find. In our passing conversation, Matt mentioned that he's tired of our bedspread. It snags easily so there are snags all over it. I've been feeling the same way, but hadn't even thought about replacing it. After Matt's suggestion, we headed to the bedding section. I made sure to tell him that bedding here is VERY expensive. But it would certainly be fun to look around and see what they have.

After talking about a couple different bed spreads, we came across one that we both seemed to like. It was in the color scheme we already have set up for our bedroom so it would be easy to replace what we have with this one. About that time, Matt takes off his vibram, which has velcro on it and begins dragging it on the beautiful bedspread. My brain registers what he is doing and I quietly yell (if that's possible), "No, don't....." but it was too late. Matt was trying to see if the velcro would snag the bed spread and it DIDN'T! I was relieved and he was excited, "This one passes the test," he said as he put his shoe back on. Then we looked at the price. The set was on sale for $143 or something like that. OUCH! That's a lot of money. A lady nearby commented to us that she has had this bed spread for a couple years and it hasn't snagged at all and maybe we should look at getting a duvet cover instead of the set. Afterall, we already have matching pillows at home. Matt says, "What's a duvet cover?" In case you don't know, you put your old blanket into the cover, just like a pillow sham. So Matt's definition of a duvet is a great big sham! LOL!

Then the problem was, what size is our blanket at home? Is it queen size like the bed? Or did I buy a king size set last time? I was doubting that, but we came to the conclusion to buy both sizes and return the other. Brilliant! Regular price for the duvet cover was $180 for the queen and $20 more than that for the king. But of course they were on sale, on clearance in fact for 60% off, making the queen size duvet $72. At the register I used my Kohl's cash AND my 20% off coupon that came in my email. Woohoo! My total for both duvets was less than $100, which means when I return the king size, my duvet cost me less than $50!!!

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to pieces. I never would have thought to shop for a new bed spread, let alone a duvet cover and we found one that is really high quality for a decent price. Yahoo! Now to get that other duvet cover back to the store.

By the way, it is really easy to put your duvet cover on your old blanket with TWO people! Luckily I had Matt around and I didn't have to do it the hard way.

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Melanie said...

Maybe your hubby was good luck? You happened to get a good deal on an item you needed, but hadn't considered without his suggestion...:)