Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday vacation: Day 2

One thing I forgot to mention last night was that Elijah is so excited to have neighbors. On our way to the elevator, Elijah says, "When can we meet our neighbors?" He wanted to start knocking on doors to see who's here on vacation. It seemed odd explaining to him this is not appropriate behavior when on vacation.

This morning we got up to go to church. Matt helped me look up the times at the church house closest to us. I had figured we'd go at 9am, not knowing wether or not there was a second meeting or what time it might start. Matt found the meeting times, and it's a good thing! We would have ended up going to the Samoan ward at 9am and listened to the meeting in their language. It would have felt like we had gone to a foreign country on vacation. As it turned out, we went to sacrament meeting at 11am. After we sat down, a family with six kids filed in and sat in front of us. I noticed their boy Joshua'a age looked familiar, so I looked over at the parents and found that I recognized the dad. Turns out it was Joshua's soccer coach and his son who is on the team! Talk about a small world. There were several other families visiting from Utah who came to the ward we attended today.

It's so nice to have a day of rest while on vacation. Matt gave me a back massage to help my aching back and the kids watched a lot of TV. There's a TV in the living room and the master bedroom. The kids found Myth Busters on TV and started watching it in both rooms, which cracked me up. While I napped, Matt and the boys went down to the pool to play for awhile. I brought one of our freezer meals for dinner so we didn't have to spend much time cooking! We baked some potatoes and had continental beef on top of the potatoes. YUM!

After dinner I took some time to read my scriptures and have a few quiet minutes, then went down to the hot tub to relax my aching back. The hot tub helped a ton. I'm thinking I might need to hit the hot tub every night after Disneyland. Tomorrow is the real deal! Wohoo! I have missed Nanna immensely. I hope she's doing okay.

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