Friday, June 3, 2011

The BEST lemonade

I bought one of those cool 3 gallon drink dispensers at Costco last month and we're putting it to great use! My lemonade is becoming famous. The teenagers at Sara's end of school year party raved about it tonight! And if the teens like it, it must be good. Here's my recipe:

The BEST lemonade:

1 gallon pitcher
2 crystal light lemonade packets
1 orange rolled
1 lemon rolled
1 lime
ice cubes

Wash the fruit, slice it and add it to the lemonade. The lime gets pretty strong, so we don't roll it. I will warn you that rolling results in pulp, but the juices from the citrus makes the lemonade SO yummy; however, rolling isn't necessary, it just moves the blending of flavors along faster. The first few cups will taste like regular old lemonade. But if you prepare it in advance the flavors can blend a bit, the lemonade will be amazing! I typically reuse the fruit for another batch the same day, or put the fruit in the fridge to use it again for a fresh batch the next day. With the rolling and extra pulp, you're getting some vitamin C! Oh, and the last cup is typically really strong, so be prepared to add a couple ounces of water if needed.

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Rhoda said...

thanks! I've been looking for a yummy beverage.