Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Little Boys Are Made Of

"Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of." My boys are pretty typical. They don't come home with frogs in their pockets, which quite frankly surprises me considering we live on Critters Cove. But they do come home from the school library with books about snakes, sharks, and spiders. I'm grateful they're not afraid of spiders considering we have so many around the house. You'd think we kept them as pets with as many as we find.

Anyway, Joshua came home from the library with a book on how to make slime. He begged to make slime practically everyday. It was a crazy week and we didn't get around to it. I know, I'm a bad mom. BUT, I decided I needed to put forth the effort and quickly wrote down the recipe. Without the book around, Joshua forgot about it and quit asking. I figured we'd find the paper I wrote on and make the slime eventually.

Wishful thinking, huh? Joshua has an awesome teacher this year. Apparently several of the other kids wanted to check out the book since it was about slime, so the teacher wrote down the recipe with instructions and sent it home with everyone! Hurray! *heavy sigh* The begging begins again. Once again I told Joshua, "When your chores and your homework are done, we can make the slime." This time he actually followed through and asked again before bedtime. Oh the joy! And...we even had enough corn starch to make it so I finally said yes.

SO...as a good mother should, I pulled out my phone and took a couple pictures of the boys playing with the slime. The memory is captured! And hopefully we won't have to make it again any time soon! But, knowing that so many of you are awesome moms that do cool projects with your kids all the time, so here's the recipe:


large bowl
1/2 cup water
add a few drops food coloring
slowly add 1 cup corn starch, stirring well
slime should break when stirred when it's "done"
if it doesn't, add one TBSP at a time to make thick enough to break


Lauren Perry said...

Way cute idea! You are a fun mom!

Rhoda said...

oh my boys would love this...mom, not so much! it sounds like we have the same thought process, but if you can do it so can I... maybe in a month or two!!!

The Lane Family said...

What a great mom and fun idea...I may have to try it with the "terrific trio" maybe outside on the deck!!!