Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cinnamon bears? YUCK!

With six of us in the house (I really should count Nanna, our gargantuan dog, in that head count since she gets into anything she pleases), it is hard to keep treats around the house. They get devoured pretty quickly. I won a gift basket for Valentine's Day that included a small bag of cinnamon gummy bears. I was trying to cut back on sugar and my kids don't care for them, so I shared them with my Sunday School class. Sara broke down and ate one to discover that she really likes them! After church she claimed the rest of the bag and finished them off.

Sara and I soon realized that it was rather exciting to have found a treat that the boys in the house despise. They turn up their noses and run, while Sara and I enjoy a few now and then. Not that I buy them very often, but I do like to spoil my only girl with treats once in awhile. We tried a cheap brand to discover they weren't all that great. I'd left them in the car, in a drawer where I typically keep granola bars for emergency sustenance. Zack discovered them after church last month and decided to try one since he was so hungry and there were no "good" granola bars. He went for another, and yet another. I was shocked. I put my hand to his forehead and asked if we should head to the ER to see what could possibly be wrong to make him like cinnamon bears! (I enjoy teasing my kids now and then.)

We have found that buying cinnamon bears in most of the grocery stores costs too much. Harmons charges about $8 a lb. That's crazy! I did find a small bag of cinnamon bunnies in the Easter candy section at Walmart for a couple bucks, but Sara wasn't as keen on them. So tonight, I dropped my teenagers off at the library and took the little boys to Peterson's to buy some meats on sale. Elijah and Joshua wanted to spend part of their allowance on a treat. While they were deciding, I figured I'd check to see if they had any cinnamon bears. I found a 5 lb. bag for $8. AND, it's the brand we like, SWEET, no really, that's the name of the brand. Anyway, 5 lbs! Luckily this is not like chocolate where anybody wants to binge, it'll actually last us a good long time. Only three of us will be slowly working through that great big package. Cinnamon bears, YUM!


Julie said...

The Sweets Candy company is local, and up north. You can take tours of the factory, but most importantly, they have a store there where they sell seconds and great discounts on all their candy. In case you're needing more cinnamon bears in the future....

Julie said...

Sweets candy company is here in Utah, and just up Bangerter highway! They have a store there at the factory where they sell their candy at a pretty nice discount! Just in case you need another cinnamon bear fix!