Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween~

My kids have been asking about Halloween since the middle of summer. Luckily they're not major planners, so they weren't worried about costumes just yet. The great pumpkin day finally arrived! It's been such a busy time around here so we've hardly prepared the fun stuff for the season. Decorations came out of the garage a week ago, and then it snowed. My thought was, "Gee, I've decorated for the wrong holiday!"

My mother in law, who has lived with us for the past two years, decided to move out last month; however, today was her big moving day. She pulled up in a big truck and told the boys she was a truck driver for Halloween. They thought that was pretty cool. But it also made for a hectic day. By the time we got her stuff moved out, my house was a disaster zone. Thank goodness I had already cancelled the teenager party, or I would have gone nuts. The house remains a big mess, but we had a good time with the little boys trick or treating.

Elijah was a Ninja. He even had a cool knife with fake blood in it! Joshua was a vampire bat (one of the last of our Costco warm costumes that still fit). We took Nanna with us and she was quite confused by the whole charade. She was ready to go for a good long walk, but we kept stopping and there were lots of crazy looking kids and weird noises. She's such a good dog! The fun part was that two people said they had treats for the dogs! Nanna thought that was pretty awesome.

Our favorite house was on a road with mansions. The decorations were awesome! As we approached this particular door, there was a disco type light that was spinning in circles, showing lots of Halloween colors. The trick or treaters had to step into the lights to knock on the door. It was funny watching my boys hesitate. After they knocked, a head that was inside a ball lit up and said, "Who dares knock on my door? Do you want candy or something?" The boys were quite startled. Then the voice said, "What is your costume?" Elijah responded, "A Ninja." The glowing head repeated, "A Ninja?" They were shocked. "Well, you've got to say, 'I love candy' and I'll give you some." A lady opened the door and gave them full sized candy bars! She showed them her microphone, and then got a huge milk bone for Nanna! The other decorations were superb as well.

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