Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tether Ball

About three weeks ago, I looked out my front door and said to myself, "Huh, something looks different."  Towards the side of our house we have a long skinny garden area with a tree at each end and my well in the middle, with lots of dead weeds taking up the rest of the space.  The thing that looked different was to the right of the first tree was a big pole, with a long rope attached at the top, dangling down the pole.  "I wonder where that came from," I said to myself.  We don't have many neighbors, and the pole with base attached is pretty darn heavy, so it's not like a toy some kid accidentally left in the yard.

We decided to wait for awhile to see if anyone came to claim the pole.  It's been three weeks and no one has said boo about it being theirs, or mentioning that they donated to our yard in hopes it could find some use with all the kids.  Nothing.  So, since possession is 90% of the law, I guess it's legally ours, right?  I decided to order a tether ball for it.  We're going to move it to the back yard and probably concrete it in so the kids don't knock it over trying to climb it and we'll have a tether ball pole.  Remember the school playgrounds when we were kids?  Most of them had two or three tether ball poles.  I haven't seen one in ages.

It's fun having things in our yard that other home owner don't have because that's a reason for the kids to play here for awhile.  I recently bought a really nice soccer goal at a yard sale and all the kids in the neighborhood came over to play soccer.  Okay, we don't live in a neighborhood. We live on a dead end dirt road out in the middle of nowhere between two cities.  So the kids from two houses came over to play soccer and it was a lot of fun.  Adding a tether ball pole to the back yard should bring all sorts of excitement.  

BTW-my goal to paint the living room last Friday...didn't happen.  --heavy sigh

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